Managing Diabetes in the Heat

Managing Diabetes in the hot weather
It’s important to manage your diabetes, especially in the heat.

There is so much to love about summertime; vacations, backyard BBQs and the warmer weather! In the past few months, Spokane has been experiencing record-breaking heat and a lack of precipitation. All these factors affect those who have diabetes. 

Did you know that those who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes feel the heat more than many of us? 

People with diabetes become dehydrated quickly, with certain complications of diabetes, which can damage blood vessels and nerves. These complications can affect your sweat glands which may not allow your body to cool effectively. High temperatures can also change how your body uses insulin. As temperatures reach over 100, you may need to test your blood sugar more frequently and make adjustments to your insulin and diet. We still have many more weeks of summer with poor air quality and hot temperatures. 

Keep cool during these times by using your air-conditioner or go to an air-conditioned building, wear loose-fitting clothing. Staying hydrated is essential at this time of the year.  Make sure that when you are outside for short or long periods to bring water with you. Be proactive with your caregiver and make sure that you make water a part of your meal prep or on your itinerary when making trips outside your home.

Care To Stay Home caregivers are here to support the health and safety of our clients when the temperature rises.