24 Hour At-Home Senior Care

Caregiving Made Smarter
Remote in-home respite care

Caregivers, Care Management, and AI= 24 Hours Affordable Care

Traditional Caregiving Services and Artificial Intelligence is used to create the perfect safety module for our loved ones.

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Care Insights

EnvoyatHome’s Care Insights looks at caregiving data over time. Subtle changes in cognitive or physical behavior that typically manifest when a senior is alone can be highlighted and presented with clinical perspective, allowing you to intervene early, align care plans with your loved one’s changing needs, and support a senior’s preference to stay in place as long as possible. Additionally, these insights are easily shared with case managers and medical professionals for data-driven, early interventions that lower care costs, improve the quality of your caregiving experience, and keep your loved one living independently longer.

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Digital Caregiving

When they’re home alone, you can’t be certain that your loved one is safe and well. EnvoyatHome replaces that uncertainty with tangible information in real time, so you can take action before an emergency.

Our Digital Caregiving service is passive remote monitoring that sends actionable, real-time notifications to your mobile phone any time your loved one may be at risk. Designed to offer a discreet, reliable, and dignified experience for seniors, our system doesn’t use cameras, microphones, bracelets, or buttons. There’s nothing for a forgetful senior to wear or charge. Best of all, our system is comprehensive so you don’t have to spend time dealing with incompatible devices and partial solutions.

Personalized for your family’s unique care concerns, EnvoyatHome can be used exclusively or to supplement part-time paid caregivers for round the clock care.


Routines, Bathroom frequency, sleep routine, etc...


Stairs, basements, attics, physical inactivity, lack of movement, etc...

Cognitive Decline

Wandering, pacing, confusion with time of day, etc...

Medical Order Compliance

Medicine, hydration, nutrition, etc...

Home Environment

Temperature, open doors, water leaks, etc...

If you are a caregiver and believe you are loving, caring and among the best-please join us.