Games for Health

Games for health
Games for Health is important for seniors

At some point in your research for activities for an older adult, you will find organizations that tout memory games for preventing Alzheimer’s. While there is no solid evidence that these games help prevent the disease, they can help provide mental and social stimulation which can be helpful at the moment and can help slow the progression.

Any activity which inspires social interaction creates happiness, which is beneficial no matter what age-related challenges your loved one might be suffering.

Challenging our brains in new ways will create new neural pathways and strengthen existing ones, helping us to be more flexible when faced with mental or physical challenges.
Some ideas for memory or brain games that can help include:• Crossword Puzzles• Sudoku Puzzles• Memory Card Games• Jigsaw Puzzles

Since these sorts of games can also result in frustration if they are beyond the capacity of the person playing them, monitor your loved one close and suggest a different game or activity if they are struggling.

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