What Are the Early Signs of Dementia Part 2

(Video: Part 2) What Are The Early Warning Signs of Dementia?

Watch our short video- part 2, to learn more about dementia and how to find help with home care in Spokane.

What Are the Early Warning Signs of Dementia, Part 2
  • What are the early warning signs of Dementia? 
  • Should I be concerned if I lost my car in a parking lot?
  • What if I can no longer balance the checkbook, or cook a meal or remember to take medications? 
  • What if someone you know is starting to forget the basic tasks of their job? 
  • How should I handle this and where do I turn?

If you or an aging loved-one are considering in-home care in Spokane for memory loss issues, please contact the caring staff at Care to Stay Home of Spokane. Call today (509) 340-1359