Thank You, Dad

The month of June brings about many things: the end of school, rising temperatures, summer, but most importantly it brings us Father’s Day. Father’s Day isn’t about cards or breakfast in bed; it’s about the man that has been there for us from the start. It’s about the man who taught you to ride a bike, or sat terrified in the passenger’s seat as you took to the wheel for the first time. He taught you, he clothed you, provided for you, fed you, and loved you.

As we grow older, so does he. As many of us experience, our dear old dad that has done everything for us, now needs us to do everything for him. He gave up most his life to take care of you, now it’s your turn to honor him, to take care of him. At times having to put on the hat of becoming the provider and decision maker, can take on emotional tolls, but not just for the child. We must remember that this is difficult for our parents also; they’re the ones losing freedom and control. What an opportunity to show them how much we care, how much we appreciate every moment they gave to us. There are many options, because we all need help, you’re not alone. We are here to help you! Call for a FREE ASSESMENT today!

As we approach Father’s Day this year, may we all remember what our Fathers have given us and sacrificed for us! May we realize that are not our parent’s parent, we can never do all that they have done for us in return. We are their children, giving back to them who gave us everything.