Staying Active During the Summer

Staying active during the Summer
Activity is great for the body and the soul.

Staying active is tough no matter what age you are. Being active takes dedication and can provide you with physical, emotional, and mental benefits.
We can talk about it all day but what you really want to know is what you can do as a senior or you may even be a spouse, child or, grandchild who wants to help out. Here are some activities you can go to in our area to make the most out of summer.

  1. Catch a sporting event. Locally we have a number of sports teams that you can see games on a weekly basis, such as, The Spokane Indians, Spokane Shock. Check online to find tickets to the next game.
  2. Find a fishing spot. There are so many different places to fish in our area, whether it’s along the river or in one of the many lakes in our region.
  3. Be a local tourist. There may be areas of the city that you have never visited before or organizations that you have never seen from a different viewpoint. They could give you a fresh perspective on where you may have been living for years.
  4. Find a center in your area. So many senior centers in our area have daily, weekly and monthly events. Find one that’s close to you and some of them even have shuttles that can pick you up and drop you off. Attend with friends and there is a good chance you can make some new ones.

There is so much to do in our area over the summer. Talk to your family or caregiver about which one is right for you.