Care To Stay Home CEO, Rob Fraser, Becomes Certified Dementia Practitioner

Rob Fraser – Giving Thanks

As we come close to Thanksgiving, I ponder over the many things I am grateful for. Certainly, at the top of the list is my wife, my family and my faith in God. Each of these is a great blessing during these difficult times.  

As I ponder over our founding fathers, and that first Thanksgiving, I am grateful for those that have come before us, have lived and died for us, that have allowed us to live in a free nation to choose freedom over tyranny. Many of us have questioned our nation’s integrity over this past year, but as we really analyze it, we must be grateful for the men and women that came first and paved the way, so we could live in the greatest country in the world.

Last but not least, I am grateful for the many individuals and organizations that support the cause of Care to Stay Home. Out mission is: “We don’t have to be the biggest, we do have to be the best!”  It is you that help us be the best!  Our caregivers, our staff, our community partners, our clients, our client families, and the many others that make up the team necessary to care for our most needy population – our seniors.  

Why?  Because they came before us.  They sacrificed for us.  They fought for us.  They bled for us.  Many died for us.  Now it is our turn, to sacrifice for them. This is why we serve them.  Thank you to our clients for serving us, and thank you to our community to helping us serve.

Happy Thanksgiving