Protecting Your Loved Ones

Protect your loved ones

There are many ways to begin the planning ahead conversation of one’s final wishes. You know your family and how your loved ones might best respond to the topic. For some families, it might be a casual conversation over dinner or another family gathering. For other families, a formal meeting might be best suited.

Regardless of your approach, the conversation is much easier to have when death is not imminent. Bringing up the subject when families are younger and most likely healthier, makes the topic easier to discuss and keeps the focus on the celebration of life rather than an impending loss.

Whether you are sharing plans for your own final arrangements with loved ones or encouraging loved ones to make and share their plans with you, the conversation about planning ahead is an important one that every family should have. While no one wants to think about their death or the death of a loved one any sooner than they must, having the conversation in advance alleviates the need for potentially more unpleasant or difficult conversations in the future.

Benefits of Pre-Planning with Hennessey Funeral Home and Crematory

  • Planning ahead alleviates making decisions during grief and sadness.
  • Prearranging provides you or your loved one with the opportunity to become informed about the plethora of options regarding the funeral or cremation service. No two services are alike, and individuals can choose to showcase videos, photographs, music, special readings, or any other involved elements with family and friends.
  • Paying ahead of time guarantees today’s prices and avoids increases in the future. Prearranging makes financial sense. We offer interest-free payment options based on eligibility.
  • Complete our complimentary Planning Guide by writing down your personal information or your loved one’s information. Write down important information to keep on hand as you plan the service, like social security number, ethnicity, religion, residence, birth information, and so on. Having this information is helpful throughout the funeral planning process.
  • When you prearrange with us, our Family Protection Plan will also provide like services for qualified family members at no extra cost.
  • An irrevocable assignment of your funeral or cremation plan allows these funds to assist with spending down for Medicaid eligibility.


Hennessey Funeral Home and Crematory on Division has served the Spokane community for over 125 years. Call us today to begin the dialogue about planning wishes in advance.

Source: Chuck Wendt, Hennessey Funeral Home & Crematory