Care to Stay Home Joins Parkinson’s Care Network

Care to Stay Home Joins Parkinson’s Care Network

Did you know?

Parkinson’s disease is currently the fastest growing neurodegenerative disease in the world. In the United States, one person is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease every nine minutes which translates to 60,000 Americans being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease annually.

As Parkinson’s specialists, we understand the severity of Parkinson’s disease, which is why we have joined the Struthers Parkinson’s Care Network. Joining the Struthers Parkinson’s Care Network allows us to deepen our understanding of Parkinson’s disease, so we can provide people with best care possible and also spread awareness of this rapidly growing neurodegenerative disease. 

As Parkinson’s advances, most people seek out services at home care and senior communities. We want to provide our clients with the best possible care, and like our other partners in Struthers Parkinson’s Care Network, we have made a commitment to improve care and provide support to people living with Parkinson’s disease and their families. This Struthers Parkinson’s Care network is a collaborative network that allows community members to provide ongoing staff education and resources to help us further combat this disease.

Some Goals of Struthers Parkinson’s Care Network

  • Increase awareness of Parkinson’s resources in program development and ongoing support.
  • Build sustainable, collaborative relationships with high quality organizations that are committed to maintaining identified standards in Parkinson’s education.
  • Develop an ongoing program of training, education and care guidelines for professionals and all staff who provided services to persons with Parkinson’s disease and their families.

Care To Stay Home trains all of their staff with the Struther’s principles. We prepare our staff by training team leaders, and in return our team leaders train each of our staff. This helps prepare our staff for all the needs of our Parkinson’s clients.