EnvoyatHome: Caregiving Made Easier

If you have an elderly loved one who wants to stay at home and maintain their independence for as long as possible, it is important to be able to know that they are safe and their health is being monitored. It can be challenging to make sure your loved one is safe when the demands of work and family take up much of your time.

Using homecare services like Spokane Care to Stay Home is a wonderful way to help your elderly loved one stay in their home. If you are worried that your loved one needs 24-hour in-home care, there is a new service available to help reassure you around the clock that your loved one is safe and well, even when their in-home care providers are not there in person.

EnvoyatHome 24-Hour Monitoring Service

An elderly person’s behaviors can tell us a lot about their cognitive status, health status, and comfort levels. With envoyatHome’s 24-hour monitoring system and their AI-enabled interface, you will be alerted to changes in behavior that could indicate a serious issue.

For example, consider the story of Mable, an 87 year old woman who enjoys her independence and has been living alone since her husband died five years ago. While Mable is in generally good health, her two children were worried since she’s been showing some signs of frailty. Mable remembered some scary moments when Marty’s health declined and agreed to have envoyatHome installed.

Due to the ongoing monitoring of Mable’s everyday activities, envoyatHome was able to quickly detect when one night Mable was in the bathroom for longer than usual. The care team was immediately contacted on their cellphones, and her son went over to the house and found that Mable was on the floor in the bathroom and unable to get up on her own. He was able to quickly contact emergency services and Mable was brought to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a new heart condition that needed treatment.

Without envoyatHome, Mable could have lain on the floor until someone checked in at the usual time in the morning. envoyatHome allowed for prompt medical care, and Mable is still able to live safely in her own home.

Examples of behavioral changes that could indicate a need for intervention are:

  • More frequent trips to the bathroom
  • Longer time spent in the bathroom
  • Changes in bedtime or rising time
  • Wandering the house at night
  • Opening the doors to the outdoors at night
  • Avoiding the stairs
  • Opening or not opening cabinets in kitchen or bathroom
  • Not opening or closing the refrigerator
  • Extremes of temperatures inside the home
  • Windows or doors left open

Your loved one’s motion and activities are processed through the patented software of envoyatHome, which compares the activities to the care plan that has been laid out by those giving the care. If there is any indication of risk, everyone on the care plan will be notified immediately on their mobile devices.

This data is also monitored over time so that long-term and more subtle changes can be acted on as the needs of your elderly loved one change over time.

EnvoyatHome allows your elderly loved one to live as independently as possible for as long as possible and reduces the need for in-person 24 hour in-home care while giving you the peace of mind you need.

How Does envoyatHome Work?

Unlike senior monitoring services that require a pendant or bracelet or devices that need to be charged or carried, envoyatHome uses non-invasive monitors placed at strategic locations around the house. No cameras or microphones are used, so your loved one’s privacy remains intact.

Monitors can be affixed to cabinet doors, windows and doors, stairways, and even the refrigerator. The data from these monitors is sent via the internet to the AI monitoring system to let you know if your loved one’s behavior changes in any way that might signify a health or safety crisis.

The data is compared to a previously entered care plan so that medication compliance, activity levels, sleep data, and more can be compared to what is expected. This creates a real-time assessment of your loved one’s actions and improves the overall quality of the care your loved one is receiving.

Benefits of envoyatHome

With the data provided by envoyatHome, communication regarding your loved one’s care is ongoing and provides many of the benefits of 24-hour in-home care.

Some of the ways that envoyatHome has helped elderly adults who live independently are:

  • Indicating a possible urinary tract infection by alerting caregivers to increased bathroom visits
  • Alerting family members when an elderly adult is up wandering the house at night, which could indicate sleep issues or an increase in symptoms of dementia
  • Notifying loved ones if the refrigerator has not been opened for some time, indicating a loss of appetite
  • Monitoring the length of time a loved one is in the bathroom. If a fall occurs, the loved one may not be able to get up in a timely manner
  • Alerting loved ones if the elderly person at home leaves the house in inclement weather or at unusual times of day
  • Monitoring behavior over the long term to find changes that could indicate an increase in cognitive decline or medical issues

EnvoyatHome also supplements the caregiving provided by part-time in-home caregivers by monitoring the activities of the independent living elderly person when no one else is at home with them. Studies have shown that this type of monitoring helps elderly people maintain their independence while increasing the level of safety and well-being.¹

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