Four Easy Ways to Encourage Your Senior to Exercise

Four Easy Ways to Encourage Your Senior to Exercise

Home Care Spokane, WA: Encouraging Exercise
Home Care Spokane, WA: Encouraging Exercise

Lots of people don’t really enjoy exercising, but it pays dividends in big ways. Your senior is never too old to start exercising, especially if she does it the right way. 

Get the Details from Her Doctor 

Before your elderly family member starts any exercise plan she needs to talk to her doctor. Her doctor can help her to understand what exercise is going to do for her in the long run, how much exercise is right for her, and what types of exercise might do her the most good. Once you’ve got that information, you can get a lot farther. 

Set up a Plan Based on Her Doctor’s Information 

With the recommendations from your senior’s doctor, it’s time to take a look at what your senior wants to achieve. Setting some small goals at first is going to do a couple of things. First, it gives her some early wins, which are important to help her to keep going. But it also helps her to pace herself. Your senior should start out slowly and easily, working her way up to more demanding workouts. 

Experiment with Different Ideas to Find the Right Combination 

There are tons of opportunities for older adults to exercise at home or among other people. Some gyms and senior centers offer exercise classes specifically for seniors, and they even offer remote classes. Other options include a host of streaming options and exercise videos that can show your elderly family member how to do just about any type of exercise that might interest her. 

Remind Her How Physical Activity Pays Off for Her 

It can help if you have a list ready to go of all the ways that being more active helps your senior the most. You might include things like building and maintaining muscle tone, helping to improve her balance, and keeping her flexible. But those are just the beginning. Take a look at the specific ways that your senior can benefit from regular physical activity. If she’s determined to age in place, for example, being more physically active is going to help her to do that safely. If she’s experienced a fall in the past, exercising regularly can help her to avoid another one. 

If your elderly family member still needs some convincing that she’s going to have the energy she needs to exercise, consider hiring home care providers. Home care services can take over some of the routine daily tasks your senior may be dealing with now, like cleaning, and free up both time and energy for her to exercise more. 

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