Diabetes: May We All Be Aware

Did you know that ten percent of our population is affected by diabetes? That is one in ten Americans impacted by this disease. When properly diagnosed and controlled, those who have diabetes can live normal healthy lives. Unfortunately many people go undiagnosed, meaning they go untreated. When not properly treated, this disease can lead to further problems such as heart attacks and strokes. May has been declared Diabetes Awareness Month – a time to reflect, educate and for awareness.

What is diabetes? It is a disease in which blood sugar levels are too high due to lack of insulin. When our bodies can’t produce insulin at a steady rate or can’t use insulin properly, the body can no longer turn blood sugar (glucose) into energy the body needs. This causes a buildup of glucose in the blood stream. This build up is what leads to other health problems such as heart and kidney disease.

What can we do? Be aware! Look for symptoms not only in yourself, but in those you love. Symptoms include: fatigue, extreme thirst or hunger, slow healing wounds, tingling in hands or feet, blurry vision, urinating more than usual, dry or itchy skin. Not all symptoms will appear at once or at all, but some may be extremely apparent. If you notice any of these symptoms see your doctor.

All in all, diabetes can be controlled. If you or your loved one is diagnosed, don’t lose hope, you are one step closer to solving the problem because you have discovered it! Through proper treatments, such as insulin injections, healthy diet, and exercise, you can get your life back and live it normally and wonderfully! This May, just be aware!

If you or your loved one needs help getting in control of diabetes, call Care To Stay Home and schedule your FREE in-home assessment today! As your home care provider we will assist with managing insulin and blood sugar levels, proper diet and exercise, and providing a program for your needs!