Celebrating National Case Management Week!

Celebrating National Case Management Week!

Join us in celebrating Case Management week, October 11th-17th, and show appreciation to your local case managers!

This year the world has been hit with an unforeseen pandemic, and everyone has had to step up in ways that we have never imagined. Health care workers have been one of the many industries on the front lines during this time, especially case managers. Covid-19 has created significant challenges in the healthcare system and has made the demand for case managers even greater. Nevertheless, case managers have answered the call, and have been there for their clients to create a great discharge plan and ensure a smooth transition out of their health care facility.

Who are case managers?

Case managers are significantly valuable to the healthcare system as they are responsible for the successful delivery of a patient’s medical needs when they are discharged from their facility.

Case managers are the bridge between the healthcare team, all discharging patients and their families. Case managers are responsible for coordinating care that addresses a discharging patient’s immediate needs when leaving a healthcare facility. This ensures that all patients are given the resources they need for a smooth transition and discharge home or to another facility. Case Managers bridge their internal team, with a team of professionals in the community (like us at Care To Stay Home) to provide the best care possible to their patients after discharge. Even with the new challenges and difficulties that case managers are facing during this time, they are still working diligently with social workers and other healthcare professionals to create an active plan for discharging each patient from their facility.

Not all heroes wear capes, take the time to support and appreciate your local case managers during National Case Management Week!