Sleep awareness week 2021


Join us March 14–20 for Sleep Awareness Week 2021

for a weeklong celebration of sleep health

According to the National Sleep Foundation there are two natural, internal processes that assist to keep our bodies on track with healthy sleeping habits. The first is the amount of sleep we need. The longer we are awake, the more sleep we will need. The second pertains to our circadian rhythm. This rhythm runs on a 24-hour cycle and is predetermined to make us feel more awake during the day and sleepier at night. 

The National Sleep Foundation explains that this process is strongly influenced by light but can vary by person. In some people, their circadian rhythm can be opposite and that is why there are people often referred to as ‘night owls’. “Working remotely and learning from home can present unique challenges and opportunities for promoting healthy sleep. Making sleep a priority can have a positive impact on your family’s overall health and well-being.

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