Caring at Home APR 2020

Caring at Home APR 2020

Caring at Home

Laurie is a medically fragile home care worker who is classified as an essential worker during this uncertain time of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what does it mean to be an essential worker; and being medically fragile, why does Laurie choose to continue to work, and how is Laurie keeping both herself and her client safe during this pandemic?

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, for the past nine months, Laurie has cared for an elderly woman in her home. Laurie’s client has dementia, does not have family locally and would not be able to remain in her home without Laurie’s help. Without Homecare Laurie’s client would most definitely be forced to move out of her home and into a facility. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more important for the elderly to remain home.

The WHO classifies Essential Services as services and functions that are absolutely necessary, even during a pandemic. These services maintain the health and welfare of the municipality. Without these services, sickness, poverty, violence and chaos would likely result. Homecare falls into this category which leads Laurie to be classified as an essential worker. But during a time when Social Distancing is recommended, why does a medically fragile individual such as Laurie choose to work, and how does she keep both herself and her client safe?

For Laurie, she says that she sees every client as her family and that she has a real passion for working with individuals with dementia. Laurie knows that she could decide not to work and that the agency she works for, Care To Stay Home, could send her client another caregiver, but Laurie also knows that change is difficult on individuals with dementia. Laurie says that she wants to be there for her client during this difficult time and she feels confident in her ability to keep both her and her client safe from COVID-19. Laurie, like all of Care To Stay Home’s Caregivers, has received specific training and certification related to COVID-19. During this time, Laurie and Care To Stay Home are limiting visitors into the client’s home. Laurie also states that she only goes to work and home from work and is religiously practicing good handwashing. Laurie also cleans the client’s home thoroughly every day. Laurie states that these tools are essential for her to feel as though she is creating a safe environment for both her and her client. Care To Stay Home and the community wants to THANK Laurie for all that she is doing to keep our elderly safe and community safe!