Care To Stay Home & Home Care Pulse

Care To Stay Home & Home Care Pulse

Helping Us Improve Caregiver Satisfaction

Care to Stay Home has been partnering with Home Care Pulse for the last 6 years to survey our employees on how we can improve our services. Home Care Pulse is a third-party company that gathers feedback and satisfaction ratings from our caregivers and clients. The feedback gathered is reviewed so that we can improve and provide the best care possible. We value your feedback because we want to ensure that each of our employees has everything they need in order to succeed. Home Care Pulse complies with all state and federal confidentiality laws so they will never ask you for any personal, financial or health information. 

What to Expect

As a caregiver at Care to Stay Home, you are eligible to receive one of these calls. Home Care Pulse will call several caregivers a month. Once you have completed a survey over the phone, you will not be selected again for at least 6 months. This means, at most, you could be selected twice a year for the Home Care Pulse Survey. The call will take approximately 5 minutes, depending on your responses. They will ask you to rate your satisfaction in several categories on a scale of 1-10 and they are looking for your honest feedback. This feedback will help us to better understand your experiences and improve where we need to.

Please use this number guide as you rate the questions:

9-10: You are Very Satisfied

7-8: Average

1-6: You are Very Dissatisfied

When giving your honest feedback, you have the opportunity to remain anonymous if you do not wish to share that information with us. Just know, your feedback is never shared with anyone except us at Care to Stay Home. While we respect your right to anonymity, we also would like the opportunity to correct any issues as well as thank those who give us positive feedback. 

Our goal at Care to Stay Home is to be the best, not only for our clients but for our employees as well. Please, never hesitate to reach out to any of the office staff with any issues or concerns you may have before they get to the point that we are no longer providing 10/10 services.